R01: PathCAM: repairing the digital data pipeline in diagnostic pathology with onboard-camera variable resolution slide imaging

NIH R01GM143789

Efficient and Accessible Interactive Visual Analytics of Exascale Scientific Data

DOE Early Career Research Award - DOE ASCR DE-SC0022873
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EAGER: Scalable, Content-Based, Domain-Agnostic Search of Scientific Data through Concise Topological Representations

NSF-IIS 2136744
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Quantifying Morphologic Phenotypes in Prostate Cancer - Developing Topological Descriptors for Machine Learning Algorithms

NSF-DMS 1664848
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Scalable Interactive Image Segmentation

NSF-CRII 1657020
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Visualization Streams for Ultimate Scalability

Department of Energy (DOE) supported infrastructure for the streaming visualization and analysis of large data.

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Active Stitching

On demand real-time stitching of full mosaic imagery in the field without requiring an internet connection. Technology is now incorporated into ViSOAR Ag Explorer an NSF STTR startup company for real-time orthomosaic creation from aerial imagery.

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Gigapixel David

The first gigapixel, multi-view rendering of The Digital Michelangelo Project's David. The David model consists of 933 million triangles from a laser-scan of the original statue created by members of The Digital Michelangelo Project at Stanford university.

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The interactive POWDER (Parallel, Out-of-core Wall for Display of Extreme Renders) consists of 36 (4 x 9) 27-inch tiled screens giving approximately 133-megapixel resolution.

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A multi platform visualization application for accessing, processing, and annotating very large scientific imagery.

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